A Youtuber gives perfect reply to ‘Crazy Sumit’ Prank

A Youtuber gives perfect reply to ‘Crazy Sumit’ Prank

A recent *blocked* video of a guy kissing girls without their consent has gone viral for no good reason. The kind of stupidity and immaturity showed by this guy in the name of ‘PRANK’ has caused a lot of outrage in the Youtube creator community. In that prank, a guy is seen kissing random girls on street and after kissing, he just runs. This is nothing but molestation on the name of prank. A creator is someone who creates new ideas and not molest someone in the name of ART.


Here is the video where one of popular ‘PRANK VIDEO CHANNEL’ of our country has sent out a message for all of us. It teaches us about the maturity and responsibility that we should take in when it comes to the security of the women of our country. Watch the video.

The video was dedicated to each and every one of us for standing up against the injustice done to women in any form, even if it is in the name of a ‘PRANK’. What are your views about this video? Aren’t these guys right? Shouldn’t we all stand up and support them for the cause? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.


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