Singh is Bling Movie Review

DIRECTOR:Prabhu Deva
CAST:Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson and Lara Dutta
RATING:2 out of 5

Singh is Blingis a story about Ms One Expression (Amy Jackson) who is caught between two sleazeballs: Kay Kay Menon in Romania and Akshay Kumar in India. Ms One Expression dodges Sleazeball 1 and comes to India to look for her mother, which, by the way, she never does.


Singh is King is one of the most mind-numbing stories, sorry, did I say stories? Damn, that will be misleading. BECAUSE THERE IS NO STORY!! There are ONLY banal sequences, funny ONLY to the director/writer.Sample this.

Lara Dutta sleepwalks, makes men follow her at night. And when they get all excited at the possibility of some ‘action’, she hits them between their legs with a coconut.Or Prabhu Deva appears from nowhere and starts peeing on Akshay Kumar.But there is one progressive scene in the movie. Sleazeball lectures twoabla naarisbeing eve teased.

He tells them to use their anger against those roadside Romeos and beat them to pulp. Wow. This makes so much sense especially when we have seen Sleazeball leching at One Expression, touching her inappropriately and taking sneaky pictures of her ALLTHROUGH THE MOVIE.We wait hoping against the hope that the movie will move forward. Either Sleazeball 1 will trace Ms One Expression down in India or Ms One Expression will find her mother in India. None of that happens. All that canwait. Instead Sleazeball 2 and One Expression go to Punjab so that we can show our foreigner baby some Alok Nath kind of hospitality that can happen only in Punjab, the poster child-state ofrishto ki gehrai.Because hey in Goa, we only smoke up and attend rave


Sarso da saagandMakki di rotikind of love is strictly reserved for North India.One Expression sings some songs with Sleazeball, shootssome bonding-breeze with his mom and dad and learns an important lessonon pyar aur pariwaar. She finally goes to Romania to get married to Sleazeball 1.Arey,then why did you come to India? You didn’t even meet your mom? WHAT IS GOING ON, I wondered, tearing my hair out?Akshay-now-available-in-a-beard-Kumar is as uninspiring and irritating as his character.Amy-Katrina-Kaif-Part-2-Jackson is lacklustre.

She looks hot, does her action sequences well but fails to emote. She will soon be seen in many Hindi films, playing an NRI daughter who comes to India to discover her roots.Lara Dutta is reduced to a caricature, yet she manages to evoke a smile or two.Kay Kay Menon has some maverick dialogues too, like ‘Easy-is-boring.’ Or ‘I-am-too-good.’ Wait Mr Menon, let me be the bearer of bad news here. YOU ARE NOT GOOD in the movie.I would rather poke myself in the eye with a blunt knife (REPEATEDLY) than watch any Prabhu Deva film ever again. Trust me that will be a breeze in frontof this nonsense that spools out mercilessly for three hours.

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