Review : Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 is a fun ride for the Weekend

images2Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2
Director: Luv Ranjan
Cast: Omkar Kapoor, Sunny Nijjar, Kartik Aaryan, Nushrat Bharucha, Sonalli Sehgal and Ishita Sharma
Rating: 3/5

Pyaar Ka Pucnchnama 2 hits the theater on Friday, directed by Luv Ranjan.  While the film is a misogyny , story of three boys making fool of themselves in love is an instant hit and Rajjo’s (Kartik Aaryan) monologue towards the end remains one of the oft-quoted dialogues by men when they want to ‘bitch’ about women.

So what is going to be there in the sequel ? Is it going to be funny ? Does it all comes out as anti-women ?

While the answers to the above questions is ‘Yes’.pyaarkapunchnama759Same like the first film , the sequel is of three boys who fall in love and the women take advantages of them and whims their fancies. But this sequel is more funny or might say hilarious compared to the first one. While watching the movie one might ignore the anti-women part.

The story as well as the plot twists are almost like those of the first film. Instead of making a story (after this one), they could have simply shown the same three boys and their (silly thinking or behavior) four years ahead in life instead of giving them new names, making them into new characters. Once again, the three men who are well-settled in their jobs fall in love with three (appearing to be) different kinds of women only to be get fooled by them in differnt various ways. It is, however, a tightly-knit story with the perfect conversations for a comedy film that leaves the audience in splits.

From (making prejudiced mental pictures) engineers as boring to girls as stupid and dumb, all the jokes in the movie might be a little offensive to some but they certainly are describable/familiar. In one of the sequences, Kartik has a tough time driving his girlfriend and her friends from a beauty parlour. Why the tough time? Because judging whose nails look better and (presenting oneself/asking/standing in a showy and fake way) for selfies with everyone in the four-seater car are only a few of the things he needs to juggle as he drives on a busy Delhi road! This was one of the rare scenes where joke seemed a little too much of a (statement that says that something is much bigger, worse, etc., than it really is). But most of the silly mistakes shown in women can be seen in real life too: Not every woman ‘uses’ her boyfriend for his money or as a domestic help for parents, but there certainly are such women as much as there are such men in real life.

We bring you the example or a scene from the movie, for the awaited fans of Rajjo’s monologue, while in this film the monologue is more funny and a little big. Here’s the sample, “Bribe is an institution started by women because what they give in bribe never ends! But why do we bear them for its sake? Isse to accha apne haath se shadi kar lo!”

imagesAll of them fits perfectly in their roles, whether it is the actor or the female leads. The boys effortlessly depict what men often discuss during boys’ talk and the girls play dumb as and when the character demands.

This film was made on a small budget of 9 Cr. We expect it to be a good sleeper hit. One may have good fun watching this movie for the weekend. Our verdict, you won’t regret it.

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