Bigg Boss 9: Akshay Kumar may co host with Salman Khan

This is the news about the bigg boss season 9 that the new host will going to enter the show. Hence makers of famous person-related reality show ‘Bigg Bossis leaving no stone unturned to make the upcoming season entertaining.As we all know.

Bigg boss season 9 details In fact in the show is back with ‘Dabangg’ Khan as the host, but the latest reports state that he will be along with an another Bollywood actor and they will improve the new story of the show and it will be great fun for you all guys. And trust me guys all the bigg boss 9 audience will love it. image

No matter show is not for the life time but it covers the whole year in the all series. Also, Akshay will be seen (helping increase/showing in a good way) his honest/friendly/appearing soon flick ‘Singh Is (fancy, showy jewelry)‘ on the sets of ‘Bigg Boss 9′. Akshay Kumar will join ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaanas a co-host ofBigg Boss 9″ for a single episode. This time the Colors show will have an idea ofDouble Trouble“, details of which are not out yet. It is the new surprise for the all audience. The ninth season of popular famous person-related reality showBigg Boss“, hosted by superstar Salman Khan, will go on air from October 11 and they can enjoy it.

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