Arvind Vegada loud snores cause ‘Trouble’ to the Bigg Boss House

AV 026Arvind Vegada, an energetic singer from Gujarat, entertaind us on the premiere of BB9, it is said that he is also keeping entertained to his fellow housmates by singing. While the housemates are entertained by his desi-rock songs, he keeps them awake with his loud snores during the night.

A source from BB house tells us that the contestants are very muvh irritated by his loud snores, and no one is able to sleep pleasantly. the annoying snores is an added problem to Arvind’s housemates, who are already troubled by not getting their luggage.

Now , let us see how they deal with this new issue. The Bigg Boss house is already in ‘trouble’ from it’s first night, let us see if the trouble, doubles up.

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