Aamir Khan Plans for ‘Lagaan’ Sequel

lagaan1_791661fThe whole industry is in a buzz with rumors of Aamir Khan making a sequel of the film ‘Lagaan’ .The Ashutosh Gowariker-directed film had not only proved to be the biggest blockbuster of that year and received critical acclaim at film festivals, it was also nominated for the Oscars in the Best Foreign Language Film category. It is known that Aamir is trying to make the sequel with a new director and heroine.

A source says, “Aamir is planning a sequel and has also met a few people for collaboration. The sequel, like the original film, will be based on the land tax (lagaan) system, but with a contemporary backdrop to it. The script is still being developed and pre-production work is yet to start.”
prachi_desai_photos_5While Aamir is shooting for Nitesh Tiwari’s ‘Dangal’ where he plays a wrestling coach. A source close to the project confirms the buzz and says, “It is likely that another director might helm ‘Lagaan 2’. It’s in the news that Prachi has already been signed for the film as the leading lady , while her role is to be shortened than Gracy’s role in the ‘Lagaan’.While Prachi remained unavailable for comment, the spokesperson of Aamir’s production house denies the buzz saying, “He is busy shooting for ‘Dangal’, which will continue till mid-2016. He will not sign any film till then.”

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